4 definitions by Sejanus

Leaving the television on in one's home to fool potential burglars into thinking the house is occupied. Named after the large home security company ADT and the prevalence of the technique in poor minority neighborhoods.
"The front door lock is broken, but don't worry - I have Mexican ADT."
by Sejanus June 12, 2008
A re-fashioned skiing expression indicating cocaine use.
I got a gram from Andy. Wanna go hit the slopes?
by Sejanus June 13, 2008
Behavior in which an overbearing wife/girlfriend continually calls to check on her man's activities.
Three calls in one hour? That girl is really jocking my nuts.
by Sejanus June 13, 2008
In basketball, a player is wet when he seems incapable of missing a shot, especially a long-range jump-shot.
Damn, that's three threes in a row. Steve Nash is wet!
by Sejanus June 13, 2008

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