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The motivational drive, pursuant to, and in the quest thereof, defined by the objective of, to whit: The Hoes.

The primary hunt, in this civilization of barter-exchange mediums, where hunting for food is seen as a sport.

Searchin' for the ladies.

Pub-crawlin', without the objective of being carried home.
Hickey went out, with extreme hoetiviation pacing the strip, cig tucked behind his ear, searching for Ms. Right-Now.
by Seffbasilisk November 02, 2010
A disease attributed to virus, that is generally caused by smoking weed or marijuanna when one is even slightly ill.

The smoking greatly exascerbates the illness and adds to it's duration. Any smoking before your system is purged, will only strengthen the Hippy Death Plague and worsen your symptoms.
When I was smoking at Purchase, trying to lessen a headache and a slight tickling in the back of my throat, I unwittingly opened the door to the full-blown Hippy Death Plague.

Dude, you shouldn't be smoking if you're sick. Don't you know about the Hippy Death Plague?
by Seffbasilisk October 11, 2009

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