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1. A high school located in good 'ole essex, maryland.
2. There are RARELY any fights.
3. The school is mostly white which makes it dull. the black people stay segregated, unless they're african.. and the foreign kids get called white because they dont walk into school with traditional clothes. The school is pretty racist, but not in a bad way.
4. black guys get all the girls
5. The school isnt filled with regular cliques... there are a large number who are floaters who will hang out with the sluts, nerds, stuck up bitches, and the normies (normal people)
6.Most of the teachers are fake and will only love you if you take AP.
7. the TRUE cliques of eastern tech: AP kids.. and non-AP kids
8. The school is a blue ribbon school, but every student should be expelled for the amount of cheating that goes on.
9. The principle is butthead and only cares about football. In fact, that's all anybody cares about that school.
10. Everyone has friends, even the losers who think they're cool by bringing yu-gi-oh cards to lunch
11. a place where freshmen get skanker, smaller, and more flat every year
12. a place where if your hott, everyone assumes your a hoe
13. a place where really popular kids who go partying and act like total snobs.. actually arent that loved and have less friends than the average nice person (very unlike the regular highschool)
14. the most spirited school ever even though the school is a joke
15. a school thats hated by all
scenario 1:
Teacher: come on people, you should know the answer to this!
Student: i dunno.........
Teacher: how do you not know?! this is Eastern Tech, the best school in baltimore county and all of maryland!!!!
Student: *dear gawd*

scenario 2:
Sarah: what school do you go to?
Allie: eastern..
Sarah: O.. i see.. ur one of them....
Allie: FUCK YOU..we beat yo ass in football!
Sarah: gurl. that just proves ur an eastern kid. dont say yo. ur white honey.
by Seer441 February 05, 2010
the study of figuring out one's future through shuffle on an mp3 player or other such similar device
Sarah: I wonder how my week's going to be!
John: Try shuffology!
Sarah: Ok.. it gave me basket case.. looks like a hectic week..
by Seer441 January 25, 2009

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