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1. A high school located in good 'ole essex, maryland.
2. There are RARELY any fights.
3. The school is mostly white which makes it dull. the black people stay segregated, unless they're african.. and the foreign kids get called white because they dont walk into school with traditional clothes. The school is pretty racist, but not in a bad way.
4. black guys get all the girls
5. The school isnt filled with regular cliques... there are a large number who are floaters who will hang out with the sluts, nerds, stuck up bitches, and the normies (normal people)
6.Most of the teachers are fake and will only love you if you take AP.
7. the TRUE cliques of eastern tech: AP kids.. and non-AP kids
8. The school is a blue ribbon school, but every student should be expelled for the amount of cheating that goes on.
9. The principle is butthead and only cares about football. In fact, that's all anybody cares about that school.
10. Everyone has friends, even the losers who think they're cool by bringing yu-gi-oh cards to lunch
11. a place where freshmen get skanker, smaller, and more flat every year
12. a place where if your hott, everyone assumes your a hoe
13. a place where really popular kids who go partying and act like total snobs.. actually arent that loved and have less friends than the average nice person (very unlike the regular highschool)
14. the most spirited school ever even though the school is a joke
15. a school thats hated by all
scenario 1:
Teacher: come on people, you should know the answer to this!
Student: i dunno.........
Teacher: how do you not know?! this is Eastern Tech, the best school in baltimore county and all of maryland!!!!
Student: *dear gawd*

scenario 2:
Sarah: what school do you go to?
Allie: eastern..
Sarah: O.. i see.. ur one of them....
Allie: FUCK YOU..we beat yo ass in football!
Sarah: gurl. that just proves ur an eastern kid. dont say yo. ur white honey.
by Seer441 February 05, 2010
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A school where we pretend to be smarter then we are. There arent any fights, teachers are mean, classes suck, & everyone secretly wants to go back to their home school. Kids from other schools think we're stuck up, but the truth is that half of us that go there don't really belong there at all. We have a great sports that no one cares about, & we never go on field trips. We have more school spirit then all of the other schools in the county put together, go mavericks !
Kid 1: where do you go to school?
Kid 2: eastern tech.
Kid 1: asshole.
by mommma July 10, 2008
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rated one of the best high schools in the country...definitely one of the most overrated. the principal somehow manages to cover up the stuff that goes on, thus letting tech keep it's ridiculous reputation. all the guys are jocks&potheads. all the girls are drunk sluts.
1-- did that girl seriously give you head for a ride home?
2-- yeah, she goes to eastern tech.
1-- ohhh yeah. that explains it.
by omgzzzz December 22, 2004
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all the kids are stuck up...and think there better then everyone else....we all wanted to go there now we all want to leave...everyday someone is getting transferred because the school is so gay...the teachers are all bitches....push us to hard and then wonder why were so dumb...the principal tells everyone we do great because hes putting out false informantio...then they blame it on the middle schools why were so dumb
teacher-tom whats 2 plus 2?
tom-umm 22?
teacher-did you go 2 middle school?
teacher-thats why
by .......SECRET...... March 12, 2005
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A high school in baltimore. you imagine the students go hard, right? well this school is all stuck up preps. the ones who arent stuck up are pot heads who are miserable walking the halls there. girls are ugly, but at the same time they're all sluts or no-life nerds who's mom probably works in there as a teacher or librarian. if you go to a party and a girl is left out fake-texting on her phone ,she probably goes to eastern tech. then shes lucky to even be at a party. GIRLS: theres a total of 6 hot freshmen, 4 hot sophomores, 7 hot juniors, and 3 hot seniors there for the 2009-10 year. GUYS: 8, 12, 16, &5. if you're one of the hot ones your either a pot head, an alcoholic, a slut, or really fucking outgoing to the point where you're a little cooky or weird. theres ,2 cool teachers.&guess what? I REALLLLLLLY wish I didn't go there :
1. Dude I totally met this girl who goes to eastern tech. She's fucking sexy, but she's really weird and a complete pot head/alcoholic. But, she fucked me so I don't care about all that.

2. I went to a party and some weirdo was sitting at the house computer IMing SmarterChild on aim...AND CRACKING UP AT IT!

3. Where's all the sexy people? I don't see them! Let me transferr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by fuckingsophomore January 22, 2010
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