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1) A CPU manufactuer that is win/loose on most of their CPUs

2) Short version of Intelligence, which many people lack in our world of reality TV and Oprah
1- Intel just screwed me over, i want my money back!

2- We just got Intel on the WMDs, hope its correct.
by SecCom October 09, 2004
The most hilarious show ever created where comedians and funny people from the internet talk about things that happened during the week. Can be seen on the weekends on VH1.
I heard that joke about the Olsen Twins on Best Week Ever.
by SecCom October 09, 2004
The worst and best soda ever made...at the same time. You just love to hate it and hate to love it.

Im drinking some as you read this.

Im also watching you through your bedroom window.

mmm....I love watching people drink Grapefrout Soda.
by SecCom October 09, 2004
(adj) - for something to pwn, or possibly to own.
Not commonly used with anything.

See also pwn,pwned,own,pizzown
Whoa, that is the most pwningest game ever!
by SecCom October 09, 2004
When something makes you rofl, or roll on the floor laughing.

Best used nowhere.
That guy just made a hilarious joke and everyone burst into tears laughing....that's the ROFL Effect
by SecCom October 09, 2004

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