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A fan of the band My Chemical Romance (MCR) and a close knit group of fans as close as a family that fight everyday challenges with MCR lyrics. Mainly used as the street team of MCR under Warner Bro.s.
"Gerard is right. We are not a cult but an army. we are the MCRmy!"
by Seb is Not okay (I Promise) December 17, 2008
The frontman of My Chemical Romance (MCR), a talented artist (in painting, drawing, comic book art, and writing.), and a hero to many. Inspires us with the lyrics he writes with the band MCR. He has gone through a lot of mess with drugs and alcohol but came out sober after many suicide scares.

He wrote the comic book The Umbrella Academy (called TUA for short by some people) and made the inspiration art for it for Gabriel Ba' the artist.

He is married to Lyn-Z of Mindless Self Indulgence (MSI)
"Gerard Way is just being modest when he says hes just a man, not a hero."


"Gerard Way Unleashed The F*cking Bats all night last night at that concert!"
by Seb is Not okay (I Promise) December 17, 2008

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