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12 definitions by Seany L

probably the best beer in the world.
....carlsberg don't do internet sites but if they did they'd probably be the best in the world.
by Seany L May 13, 2003
96 28
to have sex with the opposite sex. nat king cole ryhmes with hole,getting your hole.
where is andy?he is getting his nat king.
by Seany L May 13, 2003
41 33
the best band in the world today with great hits such as the cedar room and there goes the fear. headed by Jimmy goodwin. from manchester
doves are moist
by Seany L May 13, 2003
5 2
meaning something is good or cool.
as said by eric cartman. "totally tits you guys"
by Seany L May 13, 2003
294 293
a phrase that is to be said when about to steal someone elses seat. this must be done after 3 seconds or phrase is invalid and taxation becomes illegal upon which you must redeem the seat to its original occupant.
1-2-3 seat tax. unlucky chinsy seat is mine now. ha ha ha.
by Seany L September 27, 2003
3 3
Is someone who would learn from a kick in the back of the head. also know as anal refuse.
oh look at this guy he calls himself bearinwoods,B.E. what a fcuking loser lets piss on his house and beat the shit out of it!
by Seany L September 27, 2003
1 4
the most beautiful word in the world according to one donald darko
see donnie darko
by Seany L May 13, 2003
7 12