19 definitions by SeanX

dirty sensgalese people who sell drugs and unauthentic products on the streets of ibiza.
fuckin bastard looky looky men.
by SeanX May 13, 2003
another word for a ned in scotland.
fuck off gadgey scum.
by SeanX May 13, 2003
a person who appears on the popular tv show soccer am. however does a rubbish cloughie impression.
fenner's has a big nose.
by SeanX May 21, 2003
its a bra
is that your bra tim?
by SeanX May 13, 2003
meaning that an area is not socially and economically deprived.
it's nae comptin like.
by SeanX May 13, 2003
a person so poor that they have to live in a ghetto called oakley.
nae way am i going to eithioaklia.
by SeanX May 13, 2003
somebody who wants to be great but is actually a sda little cunt who'd get banged for being a cunny.
look hollywood healy he is so bent.
by SeanX May 13, 2003

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