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Snobbish, stuck-up.
That snooty bitch just looked askance at me!
by Sean Brian Kirby February 13, 2004
A set of breasts that jut forward, in an inviting fashion, akin to the shape of a torpedo.
Wow, that girl has torpedo tits!
by Sean Brian Kirby June 03, 2003
To have sex with a girl who's on all fours.
She had the greatest ass; I could have doggied with her all day long.
by Sean Brian Kirby May 03, 2005
Tits, usually of the big and bodacious variety. If they're pert, they're ta-tas.
Kerry Lynn has not only a great face, but bodacious ta-tas to boot.
by Sean Brian Kirby October 07, 2005
Used - to great effect - by the boss in 'Team America - World Police.'
(Michael Moore enters)


(Ham flies everywhere)
by Sean Brian Kirby October 04, 2005
1 : A song about Passover. 2 : A Metallica song, c.1984. 3 : A song among the greatest Metal-tunes of all time. 4 : The angel of death.
Oh holy shucks - Creeping Death is playing on 98Rock!
by Sean Brian Kirby June 04, 2003
A French-made aircraft that is competent, but French-made. Boeing wannabe.
Sacré bleu - un A320 ? Où est le Boeing ?
by Sean Brian Kirby March 15, 2005

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