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18 year old male with disproportionate chest. Also loses all forms of personality when sober. Possibly bi-sexual and now out of the loop.
Wow not another Rees.
by sean July 09, 2004
At dinner i did a shit...
then backwards
soon after desert i did another.
(could be used in chatrooms)
Me: lol... adidas... nike all the way ;D
me: WdFux0r J00 oN 4b0uT?!
by SEAN March 15, 2004
A spiritual deity who balances all of life and judges all. If you make fun of Him, he'll probably kill you and send you to Hell.
Oh God! Please don't kill me and send me to Hell for making fun of you!
by Sean August 13, 2004
acronym for 'piece of ass' on a girl. meaning she has a really nice ass
yo dawg check out that POA on that brod, fa schizzle
by Sean April 14, 2004
clothing brand in germany
I bought some uber-cool pants the other day, they fit so snug on my hips.
by Sean June 01, 2004
extremely sexy man named sean saubers goes to nroth meck and rules the world
look at tha balls on that stallion
by sean July 30, 2003
Meaning 'rocket nipple'. When a girl is cold/wet/horny and you can see the outline of her hard nipples protruding from her shirt.
yo dawg get your fly ass on over hizzle and check out the RN on that brod. Dont you want to squizzle that bro? its mint.
by Sean April 14, 2004

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