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A profile on a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter in which the user has chosen to hide all possible identifying information. It usually designates a paranoid freak who has something to hide and therefore is not worthy of befriending anyway.
Someone keeps coming up on my Facebook friend suggestions, but I don't have a clue who it is because this person has a pussy profile.
by SeamusMac March 12, 2010
When it appears that something is a trending topic on a blogging or social website for the sole reason that readers are posting messages asking why the topic is trending. Also when a legitimately trending topic continues to trend even after its topicality is lost because curious latecomers continue to relay it.
Why is Jar Jar Binks trending on Twitter? That movie was back in the late 90s!

Oh, look at all of these tweets asking why Jar Jar Binks is trending. He must be on an artificial trending loop.
by SeamusMac January 08, 2011
A supposed social activist whose activism is limited to changing a profile icon on a social networking website.
JC: So you think they're going to riot?

AC: No, they won't do anything. They're just a bunch of icon changers, sitting in front of their computers all day sharing memes with their followers.
by SeamusMac July 13, 2013

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