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one of the most annoying shows of all time. the plot is unbelievable: c'mon a girl is a student at day and puts on a whig and ta da she is a popstar? miley cyrus couldnt sing or act to save her life. she got the job cause her dad is some famous country singer. the show has some crappy jokes and suckass acting. if i see that guy who plays her brother i will strangle his ass. this show gives people in the country bad names. if you are guy and like this show, you must be a little fruity.
girl 1: wanna watch that totally cool show hannah montana?
girl 2: id rather go to the zoo and watch gorillas sing, at least they can carry a tune
#miley #cyrus #hannah #montana #sucks
by SdCharers11 January 13, 2008
why should guys be jealous of some soon-to-be-transvestite?
1. he is a dude who likes to play with his mother's make-up bag
2. a dude who cant sing for shit or act for shit
3. some guy every girl wants to be with so they can talk about what make-up works better
4. some dude who is gonna get a sex-change so he can wear all the make-up he wants and not be called gay.
zac efron likes to put on make-up just like his mom!
like mother like son
#za #efron #transvestite #make-up #girl
by SdCharers11 January 13, 2008
the missing link between monkeys and humans. signs are: he cant read a book right, chokes on food, and shows obscene gestures toward others.
bush loves to give the bird to people
bush doesnt know how to read a book
bush trips on bananas and chokes on pretzels
#bush #idiot #humans #monkey #link
by SdCharers11 January 13, 2008
a white supremacists television channel. majority of shows are white-majority and pretty stupid. only time a show isnt white is if it is comedy.
The Cw focuses on white majority. only time its different if it is sterotyping miniorities

white shows: Gossip Girl, Life is Wild, One Tree Hill, gilmore girls, smallville, supernatural, etc..

shows that arent white: all of us, everybody hates chris and the game. as you can see these shows are comedy and sterotype african americans as always athletes and funny, nothing serious.
#the #cw #white #supremacists #racists
by SdCharers11 January 13, 2008
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