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2 definitions by Scwib

1. A silly or clumsy person.
2. A mannequin that cuts off above the ass.
3. A dumb piece of shit idiot.
1. Todd tripped over his own two feet. What an ass mannequin.
2. Did you see the ass mannequins out on display?
3. Jerry kicked my dog. I'm going to clean that stupid ass mannequin's clock!
by Scwib December 31, 2008
1. A nipple that hangs from a solitary hair.
2. Slang for a foul smelling, typically unattractive person.
1. I bet that bitch has dinglenipples. Eww.
2. Fran's mother-in-law stinks really bad. She's a dinglenipple.
by Scwib December 14, 2008