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To lick a girls yeast infection when you're eating her out
Dude, I just gave Wendy a McDougler!
by Scuzzy December 04, 2003
To puncture a part of one's body with a blunt object.
The Punisher krikivitched many people during his rampageings
by scuzzy June 07, 2004
When you fuck a guys balls in between both balls. almost like a titty fuck...exept ballzy fuck
Shut up before i Ballzy Fuck you !
by Scuzzy December 04, 2003
someone who is poor,wheres horrible clothes,never takes a shower,needs a haircut,is an idiot,meanders around for no aparrent reason
Were you suzzing around again?

dude, you're so scuzzy.

man that guy is sucha scuz.
by Scuzzy December 04, 2003
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