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One of four turtles who were mutated by a substance called 'Ooze.' Love to eat pizza and watch TV. They fight the bad Foot Ninjas, too.
Donatello ish the most badass mofo of the Ninja Turtles.
by Scrub June 04, 2003
Can be a female or a fag...self explantory.
Yo Pete, Jessica came by last night...all she wanted to do was suck my dick!! The little gizzaholic.
by scrub January 06, 2005
When a man is in and out of his girl very quickly.
Mike you yo yo fuck, couldn't you have lasted any longer than that?
by scrub January 06, 2005
Short for the term, "Best Friend For As Long As Humanly Possible." Also known as a flope.
"Holy crack-head of a B.F.F.A.L.A.H.P."
by Scrub November 11, 2003
another word for B.F.F.A.L.A.H.P.
"You holy Chipperheaded flope!"
by Scrub November 11, 2003
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