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A skateboarder who thinks their the shit, but in reality can't even kick flip the board.
Yo man you see that truck fucker bail and smash his face off the ground.
by Scribe January 02, 2005
Painful and infrequently-used climbing move, the level of difficulty of which is only surpassed by the admiration received upon retelling in public house at end of day.
"I was holding a sandwich in one hand, and an eagle bit off my other arm. I had no choice but to do a willy jam."
by Scribe January 14, 2004
1. The moment at which Templeton "Face" Peck of the A-Team must use his masculine charms, usually (though not necessarily limited to) upon an attractive female with large hair, in order to gain access to a building or otherwise perform some smooth-patter feat to ensure the success of the on-the-run ex-military samaritan squad.

2. The first, prolonged, intimate session of sexual contact with Templeton "Face" Peck of the A-Team, usually no more than half an hour after an episode's closing credits.
Hannibal: "Face, we need you to distract that womanly security guard in order to steal that kettle to make our steam tank."

Templeton "Face" Peck: "OK, it's Face Time."


Attractive big-haired 80s woman: "Templeton, what are you...?"

Templeton "Face" Peck: "Oh yeah momma, it's Face Time..."

Big-hair: "Oooooh."
by Scribe July 03, 2003

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