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A surname designated as one of incredible power and influence. Originating from the Ancient World. Vastly predating the birth of Christ.

Templetons do not appear much in the written histories as they did not choose to openly enter the realm of public knowledge until within the last 500 years. . .

Upon meeting a Templeton, your life is irrevocably changed. Whether for better or worse simply depends on the mood of the figure at that particular moment.

"There's a Templeton in the room, I can feel it. . ."

"I've been tracking this particular Templeton for years. . . Such an illusive creature. A real beaut. Lets just see if we can get a closer look, over here. Look at tha. . .he saw me, run, run, ru. . ."

"Shit, they brought the Templeton. . .We already lost. Better take our girlfriends and get out of here before we lose them too"

Woman: "I don't do one night stands! Why did I sleep with him?! What was I thinking? And now all I can think is how much I wish I had his number so I could just hear his voice again. . ."

Freind: "Well, it was kinda unfair. He was a Templeton, how could you say no?"
by BringerX March 26, 2009
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one of the most boring places in the world.located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.The only thing to do in templeton is either drink, have relationships or sit at the park (or a combination of all the above)
"dude im stuck in templeton bro"

"dude sucks for you im goin to party"

"im gonna go kill myself"
by Bob Powers May 20, 2008
a rat looking kid who mooches
templeton is always asking for food i hate that fucking rat
by temptemp February 25, 2009

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