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17 definitions by Scrappy SamCat

A small round & flat pool of cum left over after a dude beats off.
"Dude, is that a dried fapjack on your sheets?"
by Scrappy SamCat March 10, 2009
When one shaves the hair around the anus, to help keep it free of embedded fecal matter.
When the ass-terrain is too rugged for common wiping.
I had fudgy fur issues until I gave myself a sanitary.
by Scrappy SamCat January 21, 2009
A place for people who are clueless about life.

Mythical small town, populated only by stupid residents.
Matt: "I think that cheerleader WANTS me!"
Sam: "Whateverland...."

by Scrappy SamCat February 04, 2009
"Do Not Like"

Used for both spoken and written communication.
Appropriate when the word, "hate" is too strong.
Sam: "Did you try that new peach beer?"
BBJ: "DNL! It tasted like bubble bath, Dude!"

Sam: "How was your blind date?"
BBJ: "She's hot, but a TOTAL gold-digger. DNL."
by Scrappy SamCat October 02, 2009
"Busy With Cock in Mouth"
What a chick says to dudes she hates, when they want her attention.
Especially useful when she's already digging her Sweet Baby Boy.
Can be used to describe any sexual encounter, or major screw up.
May also show optimism: "I'm hanging with Matt, gonna be BWCM all night."
NOT to be confused with "Bored With Cock in Mouth," for this is an IMPOSSIBLE scenario!
by Scrappy SamCat October 07, 2008
"That Is So Awesome!"
Can be used for both good OR bad occurrences.
A good substitute for the word, "Geeze!"
Adam: "I scored with that hot blonde from Hooters."
Matt: "TISA, Dude! How was it? Were her girls real?"

Matt: "My dog tore open and ate a whole box of Raisin Bran.
He left a 4-inch brown trail down the stairs."
Adam: "TISA!"
by Scrappy SamCat September 23, 2009
A faked orgasm. Used when a woman thinks her lover's style is TOTALLY lame.
Monica: "So you and John fucked? How was it?"
Sue: "I threw a SARCASM at him to get it over with... that dude SUCKS in the sack!"
by Scrappy SamCat January 28, 2009