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"Scoob" is a word derived from the word scoobies meaning charred bits of ash or bud that you inhale as a result from hitting a bowl. The word originated from the Portland - Vancouver area around 2009 and has far strayed from the meaning of scoobies, it is now used as a sort of nonsense word to describe absolutely anything. It can be used as a Verb, Noun, Adjective and Interjection. (Plural being "scoobs," Past tense being "scoobed")
"Damn bro, he just hella scoobed you!"

"I was walking down the sidewalk when I saw a scoob on the ground."

"I wouldn't mess with him, I heard he's scoobier than you could imagine"

by ScoutDashveen January 08, 2012
The action of somebody getting into your business very annoyingly and thoroughly, it is usually because of something that is not important enough to you to care.
Mom: Daniel, did you finish your homework?

Kid: Quit Nigin' my Nog mom, im playing Battlefield 3
by ScoutDashveen January 15, 2012

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