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An average user on neopets.com
gamr437845329362(n00b): OMG!!! I am 9 yrs old b nice 2 me. im gonna report u for being mean to me.
Sensible Otaku: Schwat?
TNT(theneopetsteam): You have been banned for and will not be able to log back in. You suck. Don't try to contact us, it wont work! N00b!
by Scotti August 10, 2006
Americanized anime; refered to as fandubs, and I hate amerime.

2. Anime in america which has less originality then it did back in japan
3. both 1 and 2
Whoot! Sauke's voice makes him sound to 50 in this new Amerime version of Naruto!
by Scotti August 10, 2006
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