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32 definitions by ScottX

Abbreviation for 'Ihsous', Greek for Jesus.
Ihs does not mean 'In his service' or 'I have suffered' or 'Iesus Hominem Salvator'. It just means 'Jesus'.
by ScottX November 27, 2006
181 38
Sometimes spelled Mere Mere, pronouced "meh-may". French Canadian for grandma.
Memeres and Peperes are the Grandmas and Grandpas of French kids.
by ScottX October 22, 2006
171 30
a "prince" of the Catholic Church; cardinals elect the pope. They are usually bishops. They wear scarlet dresses.
Are the St. Louis cardinals named after birds or the "princes" of the Catholic Church?
by ScottX October 22, 2006
114 24
slang for Protestant
that prot's a Catholic basher!
by ScottX October 22, 2006
102 17
Scottish for boy or lad. Usually used affectionately.
"Have you ever seen a laddie, a laddie, a laddie, have you ever seen a laddie go this way and that?"
by ScottX November 26, 2006
88 10
Slang for Jesuit or member of the Society of Jesus.
The Jebbies are the intellectuals of the Catholic Church.
by ScottX November 19, 2006
89 13
a long, bulbous nose
Cyrano de Bergerac has a typical French nose.
by ScottX October 22, 2006
98 28