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The hot creamy fluid that covers a calf's face. Usually seen when the mother cow makes an abrupt movement while the calf is feeding. The resulting milk spray, or mookakke, covers the unsuspecting calf causing humiliation and eventual eating disorder, drug abuse, and promiscuous behavior later in life.
This must be Peter North's farm cause that cow is covered in mookakke.
by scoresman September 20, 2011
A person who demands the check be split between odd numbers of diners with no rhyme or reason thus making payment extremely difficult for me or Chris to figure out.
We went to Greycliffs with Chrissy, but Splitty McChekberg showed up instead.
by scoresman May 01, 2011
The act of masturbating on a couch cushion and then flipping it over to hide the evidence.
I'm supposed to babysitting Garrett, but he's probably already Benedict Cumberbatched the couch and put himself to sleep.
by scoresman July 04, 2016
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