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A slang term for a male genitals that has been overstressed by ghetto kids and wangsters and is very tiring to hear.
Yo, you got that OD little meat!
by Schuyler K February 07, 2009
Guitarist of the punk-rock band the Offspring whose real name is Kevin Wasserman, who was the janitor of Dexter Holland and Greg K's high school. Dexter Holland and Greg K invited him to join the band because he was over 21 and could get them alcohol.
Stupid Offspring Fangirl: OMG DEXTER HE'S SO HOT!
Me (real Offspring fan): What do you think of Noodles?
Stupid Offspring Fanirl: Who's that?
by Schuyler K February 12, 2009
A company that makes awesome bass amplifiers.
"I'm gonna buy an SWR WorkingPro 15!"
"Dude, those amps are awesome!"
by Schuyler K February 07, 2009
When you put your hand in your balls and slap someone with it.
Richard just dirty slapped me. Not only did it smell like balls, it was sweaty too!
by Schuyler K April 21, 2009

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