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A demon and human half breed,oringinates from the anime series Yu Yu Hakusho.
Villian:With this pure Demonic blood I shall finaly become a Ma-zoku
by Schnider0 December 01, 2006
Get Off My Fucking Back
Look I heard you the first time so GOMFB!
by Schnider0 November 29, 2006
DFA stands for Down For Anything, a white version of the saying "if your down".
"My friends and I are so DFA that last week we all stole a cop car."
"You'd do it if your DFA"
by Schnider0 February 03, 2007
So Fucking Professional
Gamer:dude did you see that no scope, I'm totally SFP
by Schnider0 November 30, 2006

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