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An acronym for "laughing on inside" or "laughing on the inside".

Created to replace "LOL" since most people do not actually laugh out loud when they type it in a message.
Girl #1: "So I totally had sex with Rod the other day"
Girl #2: "LOI! You're such a slut."
by SchnauzerDouser December 07, 2006
A religion founded in 2006 in Oregon that devotes itself entirely to following the teachings of the Leader.
Minhtranity will soon rule the world.
by SchnauzerDouser November 09, 2006
a society of people who wish to bring back the classic "your mom" jokes
person 1:so i was up late last night doing homework.
person 2:thats funny because i was up late last night doing your mom!!!

person 7:dude i think i got an std last night.
person 2:who were you doing ... your mom?!
person 8:oooo sick burn!!!

These examples brought to you by the society to bring back your mom jokes
by SchnauzerDouser October 01, 2007

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