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The act of farting to a degree where the smell becomes a burden on society.

Origin: Common folklore has it that the original namesake had a sub-species, widely believed to be a genetically mutated rat, living in his very own asshole.
Roll down the windows, I think I'm about to Trice-out.

Do you have any matches? Trice-out.

After eating that big ole jagoop, there's no doubt that I'm going to Trice-out.

Can I use your shower? I just Triced-the-fuck-out.
by Schmokie September 15, 2013


Any object that when inserted into the mouth brings oral pleasure; excitement of the taste buds. Also commonly referred to as a "schmook." A jagoop could be anything from chewing tobacco to "schmookie good" food.
Let's go watch some football and get a big ole jagoop.

That Chipotle burrito bowl was jagoop as fuck.
by Schmokie September 15, 2013

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