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3 definitions by Schematic23

pun intended
In light of our experience with blackouts, puntended, we should go buy some candles.

I'd like to kick off this karate club meeting with a item from the chopping block, no puntended.
by schematic23 December 27, 2010

1) A propensity for making unfortunate discoveries while searching for something unrelated.

2) The specific moment when unfortunate timing coincides with irony.

3) A series of events that converge on an unfortunate outcome.

Other form: Malandipitous, adj.

Antonym: Serendipity
A man searches all around a parking lot for 20 minutes, and ultimately settles on a space extremely far from the venue. As he walks toward the front entrance, he sees an open parking space right next to the front door. This is a typical case of malandipity.
by Schematic23 August 31, 2010
noun. A rhetorical question, to which the answer is always "no"
-You're crazy for running across that street! Do you want to get killed?!?!
-Of course not, that's a negatorical question.
by Schematic23 September 15, 2010