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- Bringer of Orgasms.

Dominant male capable of extended and vigorous coitus.

Derived from Dragonslayer and the Germanic word "Schley" which means a rod.

reference note -"the little death", is a metaphor for orgasm.
The Vamp has fallen to the Schleyer this night.

Horny wenches seek the Schleyer and the fair virgins he happens upon shall have a short shelf life.
by Scarrath November 22, 2009
1. Exceedingly slippery natural feminine lubrication or "wetness" caused by arousal.

2. Exceptionally pleasant tasting VJJ.

3. Tang juice of a high lickableness quotient.
That Schlicky is better than cherry pie.

I'd like to pack my ball bearings in her Schlicky.

You have the most lickable schlicky ever, Babe.
by Scarrath April 06, 2010
Far above the normally overused meaning of Awesome.

The suffix "copter" attached to most adjectives will amplify it's intensity, much like preceding an adjective with "hella."

Note: In combination, "Hella Awesomecopter" would indicate a status greater than two times the normal degree of awesomeness.
Whoa, you missed it?

Shaun White's last run was Hella Awesomecopter !

I think I peed a little.
by Scarrath May 04, 2010

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