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the short form for vagina!
(from greys anatomy)
"o'malley quit stareing at my vjj!"
by cwasniffa May 06, 2006
Also See v-jj
"I've got this weird sore on my V'jj"
by Aletariel - Lupychica June 11, 2008
(vuh-jay-jay)Slang for the vagina.
Please quit cleaning your v-jj with my toothbrush. It's gross.
by Anon5642435 April 17, 2007
An internet slang for "vagina", which is a lady's heart. Commonly used in chat rooms or instant messaging.
Cody: wahts da color of ur vjj <333
Michelle: Well, mine is white of course.
-Cody has left the chatroom-
Michelle: What's wrong about that?
by Fr3nch fr13s September 15, 2014

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