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a car that is really junky, missing one or both of its rear-view mirrors, has hail damage to the unth degree or is missing more that half of its original parts. usually a honda civic, chevy nova, or a geo metro.
"Hey JP, you really have one hell of a ghettomobile!"
by Cheez December 15, 2004
A vehicle in which is popular in shit poor towns, which have had many former owners. Some most likely being drug dealers, hitmen, Al Capone...etc, etc.
Hence the prefix.
"Yo dawg, dat's one ghettomobile!"
by PrivazyPolizy June 04, 2006
An automobile which is usual old. It may or may mot be "tricked out". Usually unreliable, this car is worth less than a book of stamps.
It also may be referring to cars usually seen in the hood, i.e. chysler 300, chevy impala, cadillac escallade, toyota corolla etc.
by L1NNY October 11, 2008
When someone throws their sneakers over the electrical wires and they hang like children's mobile over the street.
There are 4 Ghettomobiles at the corner of 4th & Cross!!
by superbeena August 06, 2008
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