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The Supplies and materials used in scaffold erection.
Scaffolding may include but is not limited too: wood or aluminium kick plates, Aluminium tubes, Right Angle Clamps, Swivel Clamps, Steel Ledgers, Standards, steel or wood planks, ladders
by Scaff1325 December 10, 2010
A temporary elevated work platform used to safely complete a task, which is installed by a competent Scaffolder. There are six types of scaffolding: wood-pole,Tube and Clamp, system, welded tubular frame, rolling, and suspended.

A scaffold is used to complete tasks of other trade-workers at heights.
a scaffold maybe used to protect sidewalks from falling objects when construction is going on overhead.

a swing-stage used by window washers and re-placers are suspended type scaffolds
by Scaff1325 December 10, 2010
A tradesman who builds (erects), changes (modifies), removes (dismantles) scaffolding for a living. most scaffolders are carpenters by trade.
Kevin's cockiness definitely helps him be a good scaffolder.
by Scaff1325 December 10, 2010

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