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When you see a guy/girl so hot that you would fuck him/her so hard, they would require a wheelchair to move around.
Mark: Damn! Check out that blonde chick over there.

Sam: She is definitely of wheelchair quality!
by Savona July 10, 2008
Vomiting like Steve-O from Jackass, complete with gagging noises. Shoving your fingers down your throat is encouraged!
John: I think I need to puke!
Sam: If so, make sure it's a Steve-O.
John: (Starts chucking a Steve-O)
by Savona June 08, 2007
1. A phrase you say when you want to get somebody's hopes

2. A phrase you say when somebody says something
unlikely or unrealistic.
1. Ben: I hope somebody hands in my wallet.
Steve: Ah, not happening!

2. Bob: On my 21st birthday, Britney Spears and Madonna
are coming to my party.
Philip: Ah, not happening!

by Savona December 20, 2006
A joke that is not funny and therefore lame.
Mark: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Roger: I don't know
Mark: To get to the other side!
Roger: Did it just get dry in here?
by Savona December 20, 2006
A funny thing you say to make fun of somebody
Ryan to Sebastien: "You're cool! Nah, you're gay with your dad!"
by Savona December 08, 2007

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