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there once was a demon called Mai-kro-zopht who planned to unleash his evil unto the unsuspecting world. it created a gigantic box of green and black. into it he poured all of its evil and malice. it sold the evil box with "Internet connections" and "super bloody sadistic shooters". Staring into the green circle gives you cancer and syphilis, playing one kills puppies...
Little Boy- Hey, look at this a cool xbox! I think i'll play it an- fluffy? FLUFFY! NNNNOOOO!!!!!11!!!!
by Sauronschef May 24, 2005
a mexican person that is incapable of performing ANY daily chores; i.e. any mexican
Juan: I don't feel like mowing the lawn, bob
Bob: Juan, you're such a mexican't
by Sauronschef June 03, 2005
basically a shitty Laptop with less capabilities.
Worse games, worse screen, worse internet capabilities, and, so help me god, a worse battary life.
Guy 1: Hey, where'd you buy that sweet PSP?
Guy2: Well, I entered a contest...and I lost...
by Sauronschef May 21, 2005
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