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Clamydia + Aids = Claids.

This is a disease only the dirtiest nigglets have.
Guy1: OMGWTFBBQ, Did you see that skank?!
Guy2: She totally has claids.

Guy1: OMG bro, did you see dat fine ass nigglet
Guy2: Nigguh, u no she got datz claids beotch.
by Saucebaws November 15, 2011
Magma shits is when you ate something very spicy the night before, usually Mexican food or Taco Bell, then when you shit the following morning you experience a violent version of diarrhea mimicking an upside down volcano. The sensation created by this upside down eruption is often very uncomfortable and sometimes painfull with lots of wet,burning feelings resembling burning magma exiting the body.
"After I ate that wet burrito last night I had magma shits this morning and my rear felt like it was on fire."
by SauceBaws January 11, 2014
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