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2 definitions by SaskatchewanSaskatchewan

Saskatchewan is a beautiful province where half of it is beautiful praries and the other half is magnificeint forests and lakes. Saskatchewan is also the birth place of free medi-care. Unfortunately it takes years to get this "free medicare" now. Also every one leaves because there is no jobs here. Saskatchewan's phone, electrical, heating... are all controlled by the goverment. ON the plus side Saskatchewan has the worlds best uranium. lots of oil and endless other natural resources. On the down side most of those resources are sitting in the ground not being turned into a profit
Spud Co. was the stupidest goverment idea ever in the history of Saskatchewan.
by SaskatchewanSaskatchewan March 31, 2006
NDP-New Democrate Party. In truth the NDP have actually done very little for Canada. They claim that the NDP started health care. This is not true, Tommy Douglas tried to start it in Saskatchewan but Tommy Douglas was part of the CCF(later taken over by the unions and changed its name to NDP). The NDP have never held power in the federal goverment and only have ever held any real power in Saskatchewan
NDP are usaully associated with students profs and people on th left.
by SaskatchewanSaskatchewan March 31, 2006