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the largest amount of annoying tourism in Florida.

it's actually a cool city with a whole bunch of exciting things to do, but the traffic is horrendous and whenever you mention Orlando all people think about is amusement parks.
FL native: heyy, you wanna go over to Orlando for a couple days?
Northerner: ooh, can we go to Disneyworld!?
FL native: ...stupid tourist, I'm going downtown!
#florida #snowbird #disneyworld #expensive #tourist
by SarahSANITY June 17, 2007
The gateway drug. mmmm coffee.
(student is holding coffee in hand)
Random Person: you better watch out, they say caffeine is the gateway drug!
#coffee #gateway drug #cappuccino #frappuccino #stimulant
by SarahSANITY June 17, 2007
a very pretty and diverse state, with erratic weather and generally friendly people. lots of colleges and communities surrounding them; most of them active in sports and music. one of their teams, the Buckeyes, sometimes gets confused with the Bucs, which is Florida's shitty team.

oh yeah, and when it snows... it SNOWS.
Ohio > Florida

I miss Columbus and Westerville.
#buckeyes #cincinnati #columbus #cleveland #akron #toledo #snow #osu
by SarahSANITY June 15, 2007
although half of their shows now are about celebrities and eating disorders, you still have to watch I Love the 70's/80's/90's, and their videos compared to MTV are... wait, you can't even compare MTV to Vh1.

I'll watch anything on there that isn't about how <insert annoying cokewhore celebrity here> overcame her <insert self-inflicted disease and/or internal damage here>.

to be simple, it's the Viacom music channel that's actually entertaining and worth your time.
to be simple, again...

Vh1 > MTV
#i love the 90's #kickass #music #celebrities #eating disorders
by SarahSANITY June 04, 2007
the Adolf Hitler of music.

like someone stated before me, MTV was actually good in the 80's and mid-90's. now all I see are 400lb black rappers mumbling about fuckin' hoezz and gettin' krunkkkkk, or annoying guys in tight pants that scream like every other emo band in the world. not to mention their old shows completely kick the ass of The Hills and whatever other prep-fest bullshit they re-run now.

Anything > MTV
Adolf Hitler is to Holocaust as MTV is to Teenage Anorexia.
#corruption #holocaust #anorexia #emo #prep #eating disorder #torture
by SarahSANITY June 04, 2007
How to describe Florida:

Old people driving 5mph to either Publix or Walmart, over-priced tourist attractions, a new child molester case on the news every day, snowbirds galore, a new cockroach somewhere every day as well, stupid politicians, 20 hurricanes every season, FCAT, emo/scene kids, hot weather with humidity to match.

One thing I do love about living here the last 8 years are the skies, flowers, and beaches... unless they're infested with tourists and fat hairy transvestites in speedos. Gross.

Also see Hell.
Old Man visiting Florida: look at the lively youth! playing with their water guns...

Old Woman visiting Florida: LOOK, HONEY! A BINGO HALL COMBINED WITH A WALMART! *slams brakes*
#floridian #snowbird #humidity #child molester #cockroach #hurricane
by sarahSANITY June 01, 2007
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