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First off, do whatever you can to get her turned on. Every girl is different, try making out, humping her, removing her clothes in a sexual way, take off your clothes get hot and wet, whatever it takes. If her clothes are not removed, take them off. Don't have light in the room. Try to have it as dark as possible, because it will relax the girl more. Don't finger her right away, just place your hand or fingers on her pussy and rub it and play around with it, do this with her laying down and you sitting up. Look at her to see her response. Then you can start to finger her, start slow with one finger, then add the second one, or third or forth... how ever many you can. The more fingers, the better it feels. Then go faster and faster. Get her moaning and sighing. THEN: PUT AS MANY FINGERS AS POSSIBLE IN AS FAR AS THEY WILL GO! AND PUT YOUR THUMB ON THE TOP OF HER PUSSY AND MASSAGE IT. THAT WILL DRIVE HER WILD. GET HER REALLY TURNED ON. If she has no clothing on, take the cum from your fingers and massage her boobs and spread it all over her stomach while she relaxes. If you want, stick your fingers in her mouth so she will lick them or suck them clean. Then, get down and start eating her out. Start by licking the outside of it and then use your fingers to open it up and get your tounge in as far as you can. Move it around fast, if she cums, lick it up. Ignore the smell, of course it isn't going to be good, ignore it though, just think about how good you are making her feel. When you are eating her out, spread her legs apart and so your face, if you look straight up you see her pussy first, and then her body, then her face. Don't bite hard, but nibble on the lip of the pussy. If you follow these, you garunteed will have her doing WHATEVER you want. You tell her to fuck you, she will instantly. You tell her to give you a blowjob and choke on it, she will instantly. Tell her to do anything and she will. It will give her a high that she never felt.
Jim: Hey man what are you doing? Why didn't you answer your phone?
Kyle: Sorry, I was busy.
Jim: What were you doint?
Kyle: I was eating out Kayla.
Jim: Nice
by SarahProkochuk March 15, 2008
Get a dildo!!!!!!! The girl will absolutly love it. That way, you can kiss her and fuck her at the same time with no risks.
My boyfriend and me had a safe fuck because he had a dildo.
by SarahProkochuk March 15, 2008
Some guys like this idea, others don't. Girls will love it. Get your girlfriend totally undressed and laying on a bed in a dark room. Get 3 of your guy friends to come over. GUY! Not girl! Get your girlfriend to start off by giving you a blowjob, you sitting up and her laying on her back. Then get your friend #1 to massage her boobs, so she feels relaxed. Get friend #2 to put babyoil all over her stomach and friend #3 to get a dildo and constantly have it going in and out of her pussy. She will go wild, most likely she will cry. Remember, this is crying out of good feelings. SHE LOVES IT. Have people you trust doing this with her and don't get her to give anyone a blowjob but you. Let your friends touch her to show off how amazing she is. Have you, friend #1, friend #2, and friend #3 all doing this at the same time.
I was wiht my girlfriend and got three friends over. There was some hot stuff going on.
by SarahProkochuk March 15, 2008
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