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The sexiest women you will ever meet. She is kinky but also gorgeous. Camile is a women who cares about her friends and family but will tell you what needs to be said, no matter how hurtful. This lady has got a booty on her and she knows it. Camile is a women, never confused to be a girl.
Dangg. She must be a Camile! That women just told him off but is damnn sexy.
by SarahMay February 25, 2012
condition when the male species fails to be appropriately aroused by gorgeous and seductive blonde female
My ex-boyfriend suffers from a severe case of smalldickatosis. The disease is so bad that I now suffer from lesbianitis.
by sarahmay May 04, 2005
Cheap lard-ass Greek creature who dates a woman with an extremely large nose and no brain.
While drinking heavily one night at the bar, I spied an Ioannis belching to attract his prey.
by sarahmay May 04, 2005

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