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4 definitions by SarahJane

the bit between the ass and the genitalia, medically known as the perineum.
That whore stroked my Stinkers bridge while she rode my cock last night.
by SarahJane March 03, 2004
a person that is even more annoying than a cock or a penis but not quite as annoying as a motherfucker.
Pete: Paul you are such a cock
Paul: YES, you're right. I think i will go away and re-evaluate my life, thankyou for bringing this to my attention.
Pete: knob chuffer!
by SarahJane March 03, 2004
the word for spuff when you're feeling German. Spuff being a word for spermies and if you dont know what spermies are, you should look it up.
"Eat my Spuffen, Bitch"
by SarahJane March 03, 2004
A guy who eats pussy good.
She likes him 'cause he's a pearl fisher.
by Sarahjane October 20, 2003