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mad crazy or super crazy
That pair of shoes is cuhrazy cool!
by Sara Lop August 09, 2004
a word used in a jovial fasion when someone is being annoying
*someone poops on your golf course*
"You poopersnipe, clean that shit off my green!"
by Sara Lop January 25, 2005
the hair and residue left in your throat after gagging on a cat

created as a milder form of the word mung

used in exasperation, excitement, annoyance, jubilation, confusion, disappointment etc etc

similar usage - shit, damn, fuck or mung
Gaht! A bird shat upon my shoes!

I don't know where i left my homework! Gaht!

Gaht! This is retarded!

Gaht! I discovered a new remedy for constipation!
by Sara Lop January 25, 2005
n: the last name implemented in a case of a falsely mentally retarded crazy person - background - Alyson Lop is the founder of the organization ALA - alyson lop association
Amanda Lop. Ben Lop. Mary Anne Lop.
by Sara Lop August 09, 2004
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