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Quoted for future reference. Usually used so that even if the original poster deleted their post, the quote will remain as future reference, usually to be used against the original poster if they suddenly change their standpoint.
Person 1: I'm the best speeler ever.
Person 2: "I'm the best speeler ever." QFFR
by Saphykun April 13, 2010
Deleted Original Poster Strikes Again. Posted when the topic starter deletes their post, making the replies to the post senseless to people who haven't read the original post.
Person 1: How do I delete my post?
Person 2: Click the garbage tool.

(some time later, and Person 1 deletes their post)

Person 2: Click the garbage tool.
Person 3: Wha - ?
Person 2: DOPSA
by Saphykun April 14, 2010
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