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pronounced id·i·ot i·de·al all o gee
a concept that exists in only in the imagination of a dumb ass. Kind of like delusional thinking but, Idiotidealolgy is not random thinking; it is a long term stupid thinking that becomes part of their belief system or core values.
Jim is set in his ways,no one can reason with him and his Idiotidealolgy.
by Sandra Angel February 11, 2009
Drug Drama

The big drama a person produces at a Dr, or hospital in order to score prescription medication they intend to abuse.
Kim was aware she would have to be very persuasive with her drugama to get what she wanted.
by Sandra Angel February 11, 2009
mo·ron an·o·mics
Sociology unstable because moral and social codes have been eroded or abandoned, kind of like under the influence of drugs or alcohol,but being brain washed to think like an idiot,under the influence of, media, politicians,car sales people,friends etc. Allowing yourself to think in a manner that is not morally right for you because of popular thinking.Society values leave you no good choice so it is better to act like or join in with the morons.
Due to the moronanomics beyond his control he decided it would be best to put an Obama sign in his yard even though he was a republican under normal circumstances.
by Sandra Angel February 11, 2009
Yo Bonics slang name for a slang language

Slang for Ebonic a term that was originally intended and sometimes used for the language of all people of African ancestry.
Widley used slang term of nonblack, non african people used, to make fun of a slang language of black,and african people and ghetto wigga's that talk this shit because they are either to lazy to Enunciate their verbage or Physically impared in the facial regin, to talk like everyone else thats not trying to act like a gangster or a rapper.
The police department got in big trouble for publishing a book on Yo bonics, even though they were simply trying to narrow the communication gap in there gang infested neighborhhod,they were accused of being racist.
by Sandra Angel February 12, 2009
The language of a black person, or other persons that when happy or excited, or high on amp. speaks YO bonics so fast it sounds Chinese

Man, Jerome should stay away from speed, it makes him talk blackinease.
by Sandra Angel February 12, 2009
Pronounced id·i·ot all o gee

This is a school of thinking that is particularly appealing to dumb asses.

No matter what happens Republicans will not subscribe to his idiotology.
No matter what happens Republicans will not subscribe to his idiotology.
by Sandra Angel February 11, 2009
relating to economics or economy of business activities of a country that only a dumb ass can figure out.
How our government spending more money is going to help our economy.

Harry was the only one that could relate to the moroneconomics of our government.
by sandra angel February 10, 2009
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