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1. crabs
2. some one you dislike or someone who has offended you
1. That girl is so dirty she probably has twat lobsters
2. That guy who just knocked into me is a total twat lobster
by Sandersein June 16, 2006
The instinct of women to instantly drop whatever good time they may be having if one of their girlfriends is upset. Doesn't necessarily need to be at a prom, but good luck having a prom with out it, as they are training grounds for acts of promraderie in later life such as at weddings and any night at a bar involving 4 or more women.
Guy 1: Dude where'd your date go?
Guy 2: Her and 12 of her friends took off to the bathroom after one of them got a drink spilled on her.
Guy 1: That's some serious promraderie.
by Sandersein May 18, 2008
Knock off versions of the painfully ubiquitous those terribly ugly and oddly trendy shoes Crocs.
Ashley: That guy would be so cute if only he wasn't wearing Crocs.

Lisa: EWWWW those aren't even real Crocs, they're croc offs.
by Sandersein May 18, 2008
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