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Word often used to describe an humilliating death, created in Super Smash Bros Melee ''Bonus Vs Melee''
a.k.a. Meteor Smash

1. when someone is trying to recover from a KO and is killed in a downward direction with an A+down air smash in SSB, SSBM & SSBB

2. when it dies humiliatingly

a. suicide or self-destruction (even if its voluntary)

b. when it starts shouting after losing a match

c. when the match end in less than 10 sec (even if it retires)

d. when it lose because of the stage or a distraction (u ve to laugh if that happen)

e. if it dies when someone jumps over the player (only SSBB)

f. another epic fail
Guy 1: haha, u cant beat me!! *pushed to the precipice* What the...?? no, dont please!! *touched by the top of Marth's Falchion*
TV Screen: GAME
All in the room: What a Meteor!!!

Normal Guy: hey the match started!!!
Noob: W8!! I forgot to change the color of my character

Normal Guy: Whaaat?? Meteor!!

Guy waiting for a joystick: Give me the damn joystick!!
by SandRox July 01, 2010
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