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A person who waits until the last possible minute to complete a task. A model of efficiency.

If you wait until the last minute, then it only takes a minute to do it.
He waited until the last minute to do it, he's such a procrastinator.
by SanDog3939 September 15, 2009
Small, possibly temporary, inconspicuous, luggage containing comfortable clothes that may eventually be needed and is packed in anticipation of being “trapped” in a situation or place that requires wearing formal or uncomfortable clothes. A trap bag may be as simple as a paper bag containing shorts, t-shirt, and flip-flops.
Dude 1: “Dude what’s with the suit and tie?”
Dude 2: “I have to go to church with my grandmother.”
Dude 1: “Ouch.”
Dude 2: “Nah, I packed a trap bag with clothes for later.”
by sandog3939 November 09, 2011
What you say when you turn on your smart phone.
I just got this smart phone and my battery is low. Damn, I just charged it this morning.
by sandog3939 July 18, 2011

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