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4 definitions by Sammyp

Having tentative plans with a person of color.
Steven: Hey do you want to go to the driving range later?
Blake: Yeah sure, but I thought you were playing ball with Montel?
Steven: I did, but he's just my black-up plan.
by Sammyp June 29, 2013
When two cops are present, one is black and the other is not.
Cop A: Do you want to go to jail, son?
Suspect: No sir.
Cop B: Alright then, but we're still gonna have to call your auntie.

Suspect: What is this, Good cop/Black cop?
by Sammyp June 29, 2013
The act of trailing an ambulance on the road so as to pass all the cars pulling off to allow the ambulance by.
I was about to be late for work until an ambulance pulled out in front of me in a hurry. I sped up and was Pre-Wake Boarding all the way to work and managed to get there on time.
by Sammyp June 29, 2013
Also used as a noun to describe how important and nesessary something is.
This shit is the crucial!
by sammyp November 29, 2005