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A female who energically enjoys sex.
Taken from when most houses in England had outside toliets and a door that would slam shut in the wind.
"I'd like to get into Sarah's knickers, i bet she bangs like a shit house door!"
by Sammyseven November 12, 2006
The art of secretly rubbing ones penis round around the top of a wine glass before serving a drink in it to a victim.
"Percy's been ages in the kitchen getting our wine"

"He's probably nob rimming all the glasses"!
by SammySeven November 25, 2006
Someone who is kind and generous.
"I'd not had sex for a month so Dave let me f**k his missus - he really is all heart"
by SammySeven November 10, 2006
A place which is full of valuable goods often stolen.
"I got a quick look inside Phil's shed the other day - it's like Ali Baba's Cave!"
by SammySeven November 10, 2006
Someone who constantly plays fruit machines in pubs, bars, chip shops or amusement arcades.
"It's Mike's round where is he??"
"He's over there feeding the gambler the slot jockey!"
by SammySeven November 08, 2006
A coloured gentleman.
Leroy was as black as the ace of spades.
by SammySeven November 10, 2006
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