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Indian slang for pussy.
Did you eat your mother's fudi today?
by Samir March 28, 2005
A device which rings when you least expect it.
I was in sleeping when my cellphone started ringing.
by Samir February 16, 2005
a successful charming, handsome man with power to makes things happen. a perfect role model & a very formidable adversary.
President Clinton was a renobguy back in his prime.
by Samir November 30, 2004
-metaphor : chutia, foolish,gandu.
-Hindi Slang
Example :
Hindi :
abey bosedekay, gand mara road agar D.M.V ka exam nahi pass karsakta.

English :
yo fool, go and jump out of the window if you cant clear the DMV exam. Its so simple that its hard to fail and it will be foolish if you fail
by Samir October 26, 2004
derives from the word 'choon', which derives from the word 'tune'. chun means that a certain sound that you hear appeals to you.
''ah blud dis nu blazin squad track is a chun!!''
by samir October 23, 2004
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