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1 definition by Samfish

Stands for Chronic Bored-ness Syndrome.Complete and utter boredom. Not yet a proven medical condition but should soon be classified as one. Affects mostly teens. And usually worsens in the months of summer vacation when you have nothing to do. Side affects may include but are not limited to excessively state the words "I'm bored" or long pauses in mid-conversation.
*online conversation among CBS sufferers*
Sk8rKid101:Hey wuts up hows ur summer goin
XxEmoxScreamoxX: heyy...n/m....its ok i guess
Sk8rKid101: mine 2
XxEmoxScreamoxX: thats cool
XxEmoxScreamoxX:im bored :(
Sk8rKid101: yeahh me2
**XxEmoxScreamoxX is away**
Sk8rKid101: Damn it! CBS!
**Sk8rKid101 has signed off**.
by Samfish August 02, 2007
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