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when you use a fake chinese accent, usualy used in prank calls or x box live microphones
Cumberlandfarms guy: Cumberland farms
ME: dehh harro how you doooween sa ma ming yo?
Cumberlandfarms guy: WHAT???
ME: no no no risten haaree, do u speakada chinese?
Cumberlandfarms guy: uhhhmm no?
by Sam631 May 14, 2009
A small bag of weed worth 1$ usually weighing 0.1 Grams
Sam: dooode we dont have any money

Tyler: no i have a doller

Sam: i wana smoke and thats not gonna get us shit

Clyde:naaaa man il hook you guys up with a fat George Washington Bag!

by Sam631 August 04, 2009
a secretive term for smoking weed.
Hey dude i cant wait till we are going to the doctors after school its going to be sick!
by Sam631 April 15, 2009

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